Often times we get our clues from Proverbs 31 on what a woman of valor should aspire to be or look like. Yes it’s quite a lengthy chapter so today i will pick out some of her most valuable attributes. I’d like to focus specifically on some of the traits that caught my eye personally. The first thing I want to say is that a woman of valor is one who fears God. This simply means that she gives honor to him and acknowledges him as her Lord and Savior. She recognizes that he’s number one in her life. But here are some other things that make this sister so awesome & amazing!

She displays excellence, she is more valuable than jewels. Her husband trusts her. (I’m just wondering in today’s society if this means that having her in his life, trumps his bank account if so, what exactly does that look like?) It also states that because she is in his life he will have no lack of gain. This means that according to scripture this brother will prosper by default just because he has a strong woman of God backing him. How cool is that…. Simply put she’s good to her husband all the days of her life. That’s pretty straight forward, nothing to break down there for you. She’s willing to work with her hands. I think this means that she’s willing to get dirty just to keep her household affairs in order.

I found it quite interesting that this sister meal preps late at night making certain that her family is well provided for.  She’s also very business savvy. It says that she considers a field and buys it. And then check this out, with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard. She’s both economical and forward thinking. She clothes herself in strength this indicates that she’s not a fearful or passive woman. She makes certain that her merchandise is profitable. That means she’s bringing home the bacon ladies and gentlemen. My favorite part of the scripture is that she recognizes that in all of her fortune and honor she remains humble by giving to the poor.

She’s not only meal prepping as I mentioned earlier on. She creates her own garments, that means she’s a thrifty sister. She saves money by using the resources and materials that she already has in her house. She’s wise and she’s also kind in how she speaks. She stays busy being productive to make certain that her household is well taken care of. HER HUSBAND AND HER CHILDREN PRAISE HER!!

It is her inner beauty that makes her so worthy and her excellence not only towards her family & household but towards God that causes her to stand out. It is very clear based upon this particular verse in the chapter that charm and flattery are deceitful and outer beauty is vain. There is clearly something much deeper going on here that makes her so special and honorable. The chapter ends by saying “give her the fruit of her hands & let her works praise her in the gates” To me what this essentially is saying is that this woman has earned every accolade and every amount of respect that she’s received. I find it interesting that the chapter speaks a lot about her husband and her household. I’m assuming that if you’re single such a myself, this gives us something to aim for in life. But either way, her number one priority is God. I’ve often said that if you take care of God’s business he’ll take care of you.

The woman of valor clearly understands order and priority, what exactly it takes to be successful not only in the marketplace but in her home. As a result of her wisdom God doesn’t hesitate to  make her name great in the Earth. It is my prayer today that his message has encouraged you to be more like the woman of valor displayed in Proverbs 31. You’ve definitely got some pretty big shoes to fill, but if anyone can step into them I believe wholeheartedly it’s you, MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD!

Written & Published by Lolita Buck


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