Written & Published by Lolita Buck


I often wonder why so many so called “successful” people are so miserable and unhappy? I too, admittedly was duped into believing the hype of worldly materialism. Only to be HUGELY disappointed. And that’s even with me being a born again believer in Jesus Christ. It seems we are all wired to yearn for something much deeper than BMW’s; fancy clothes; lavish trips; & the white picket fence. Unfortunately our flesh won’t let us experience it.

It is only when we align our priorities with the will of God, in other words; when we die to our flesh that we can truly find peace and unconditional love. God has a way of loving us like no one else can. But often times, what’s important or relevant to God isn’t to us. This is what is call misguided priorities. Let me show you exactly what I mean. Here is a handful of things that matter to God but don’t necessarily matter to us.

So here we go, here is the list

  • Thou shall have no other god’s before me
  • Ye adulterers know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God
  • Do not be conformed to the standards of this world but be transformed by renewing your mind
  • And he said to them all; whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves take up their cross daily & follow me
  • Humble yourselves therefore under God’s mighty hand that he may lift you up in due time

(Scripture reference: Exodus 20:3; James 4:4; Romans 12:2; Luke 9:23; & 1 Peter 5:6)

Trust me when i tell you that God has many more priorities than those i listed above. These are just the tip of the iceberg. But can you honestly say your priorities line up with his all the time? OF COURSE NOT…. This is just something I’d like you to think about today, as you go on with your daily routine.

We’ve all been taught to praise the person who is on their “hustle & grind” making money and of course a name for themselves. So much so, that we often overlook the individuals who chose to quietly humble themselves in order to make God’s name great in the Earth. It’s certainly time that we get our priorities in order. Because bottom line, God is NUMERO UNO! Anything or any one else is pointless in the grand scheme of things. He is the Alpha and the Omega, “the beginning and the end.” Everything else in between, is simply us figuring out this thing called life, along the way.

The end goal in life shouldn’t be about what all we can gain in this world. Because what does it profit a man to gain the entire world and lose his very soul? (Mark 8:36) But instead, the more honorable way to live and to represent the Kingdom of God in the Earth is to make certain that what’s important to God is what’s important to us. This is how we’re able to show him that he matters to us just as much as we matter to him. After all, he sent his one & only Son to redeem us from our sins, so it’s the least that can do in return. (John 3:16) Ultimately, it’s not about us, it’s all about him. To God be the Glory, so then what better time than the present to get our priorities in order.



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