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What better way to express your boldness and confidence than with a Katalambano It T-Shirt or Sweat Short. It’s always especially nice when you can let the world know that they can’t put you in a box and that you are free indeed. Are we talking about GIRL POWER OR WHAT!! Nah, not quite this brand is all about GOD POWER!! No need to be shy ladies, because we are about to revolutionize the world. Swagalicious. Looking good and feeling your very best. That’s all God every wanted for each of us. So let’s this party started. We got this We are breaking chains and challenging the status quo while look oh so stylish. 

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If ever there was a book that you needed to read this would be the one. Layered with Christian Principles and Values that challenge women as a whole to live their best lives, suprisingly from the inside out. What do you do when the weight of the world is on your shoulders and there is no where else to turn? You certainly turn to God, but you seek inner peace which only he can provide. He says very loud and clear in his word that the kind of peace that he provides surpasses all human understanding. This book will teach you, encourage you, uplift you while all the while get you on the straight and narrow path so that no soul is utlimately left behind. Life isn’t so much how the world loves you but instead how you love yourself. If only we learned early on that all we needed to simply do was to give ourselves permission to love. When we figure out how to embrace the beauty of who we are, just as we are with no extra but injections or liposution, our true authentic selves it is then that the beauty of mere existence shines itself on humanity.  Just look at the awesome illustration below while we are being hung to dry God always finds a way to allow that sun to shine so that our true beauty and essence shines. When in doubt about how the hand that life has dealt you, embrace it because love is just around the corner. Can you see it? He awaits you.


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