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$20.00 USD
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Katalambano It SWAG

What better way to express your boldness and confidence than with a Katalambano It T-Shirt. It’s always nice when you can let people know that they can’t put you in a box. Better still, when you can declare your freedom to the world. Now that’s real GIRL POWER!! or even better GOD POWER!!

So don’t be shy ladies, because we are about to revolutionize the world. So get your Swag on today & purchase your Katalambano It gear. Don’t let Satan’s chains hold you down. You’ve Got This!!



I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me Phillippians 4:13

Current Book Release

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If there was ever a book that you needed to read this would be the one. Layered with Christian principles and values that challenge women as a whole to live their best life, surprisingly from the inside out. What do you do when the weight of the world is on your shoulders and there is no where else to turn? You certainly turn to God, to find the inner peace which only he can provide. This book will teach you; encourage you; uplift you; bottom line it will get on the straight & narrow path so that you can become all that God intended you to be.

The outcome of your life isn’t so much how the world loves you but instead how you love yourself. If only we had learned this concept early on in life then we would have already given ourselves permission to love, to be loved, & to extend love to others. Then we wouldn’t be so anxious to add on outside embellishments in hopes of bringing value to ourselves. God exemplifies what true beauty and love looks like in the way that he cares for us daily. God actually wants us to want him, he is looking for our authorization, our consent, to be truly loved.

THE QUESTION IS: Will you sign on the dotted line of your heart and give him permission to love you today?

Yours absolutely free with a donation of $25 or more!!

Katalambano It Silicone Bracelets


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